Taking part in 30 Days Wild

Picture of a bee on our echinops last year for my post on 30 Days Wild

Busy as a bee

This month, I’m excited to take part in 30 Days Wild.

#30DaysWild encourages people to get outside and do a ‘random act of wildness’ every day during June.

The pandemic might have stopped lots of things I love, but this is fun, free and family friendly. Plus, during these troubled times,  getting outdoors and engaging with nature has proven benefits for mental health.

I discovered 30 Days Wild because my husband has just started working for Suffolk Wildlife Trust, and it’s a combined initiative by 46 different Wildlife Trusts up and down the country.

Resources when signing up for 30 Days Wild

Printables when you sign up

You can find loads of ideas here and if you sign up, you’ll be emailed with a digital pack including a wallchart, wildlife bingo, an activity passport and a nature table template. 30 Days Wild also promises to send further resources throughout June, with tips on everything from gardening, cooking and writing to photography, conservation and arts and crafts.

Many of the activities don’t cost a penny either.

It could be something as simple as stopping to smell a flower, listening to birdsong or walking on grass in bare feet. Or you could go further – make a bug hotel, go plastic free for the day or sketch something from nature. I’m keen to get the kids involved in star gazing and making fat balls for the birds.

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Picture of seed packs that encourage bees for 30 Days Wild

Inspiration to plant my freebie bee-friendly seeds

The suggestion for the first day, from the #30DaysWild Twitter feed, is to plant a pollinator. The free flower seeds I got when I bought May’s BBC Gardeners’ World magazine for the 2 for 1 Gardens Entry card will come in handy!

The Wildlife Trusts also have suggestions on activities to help when working from home or homeschooling. There’s a Facebook group too, filled with fantastic nature photos and inspiration.

Picture of my two children clambering over a fallen tree

Out in the woods, climbing a fallen tree

I started posting about #30DaysWild over on Instagram, with a pic of the wheat field when we went to Polstead on Sunday.  It was brilliant to see the grandparents for a socially distanced walk. Yesterday, our random act of wildness was eating a family lunch outside, as we all took a break from our assorted screens. Today, I’m keen for us all to start the 30 Days Wild Bingo cards.

In the past, I’ve certainly felt the benefits of (quite literally) stopping to smell the roses. I’m looking forward to 30 Days Wild encouraging me to try nature-friendly activities I’ve never tried before. 

Now – over to you. Have you ever done #30DaysWild before? Will you give it a try this year? (Sign up here) Do share in the comments, I’d love to hear!

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