About Me

Welcome to Much More With Less!

I’m Faith, and I’m passionate about helping people make the most of their money.

To me, money isn’t boring – it can set you free. Money brings freedom and choice, but lack of it, as debt, can destroy lives.

I’m in my forties, married, with two children at primary school. I’ve also been writing about money for more than 14 years. I used to be deputy personal finance editor at The Daily Telegraph, but since kids I’m now a freelance personal finance journalist, money blogger and columnist for Woman&Home. You can check out my latest articles on the Press page.

Managing our money has made a massive difference to our family.

It meant I didn’t have to go back to my office job after maternity leave. It also meant we could make the big leap from London to Suffolk in 2014. Because we weren’t drowning in debt, we could take advantage of rising property prices and move to our dream house in the country. I continued working from home. My husband returned to working for the charity sector, fundraising for a local hospice. We can focus on spending time together, living a simpler, more sustainable life, rather than being trapped on a consumer treadmill.

My blog, Much More With Less, is all about moving to the country, living on less and making the most of it.

I write about everything from food and finance to family activities, flowers and fitness, all with a frugal spin. (Do check out my instagram for pretty pictures of country living!)

I blog about the thrifty tips and tricks that keep our costs low, so we can still have fun on a budget. All those small changes do add up.

But spending less will only get you so far, so I also blog about earning extra, whether that’s cashback on shopping, interest on savings or even investing.

Hopefully, I can share my knowledge of tricky money matters and make them easier to understand.

The small print

I write posts that I think will be useful, entertaining and ideally both. Some links on my blog are affiliate links. That means if you click through the link and buy something, I get paid a small percentage by the brand, at no extra cost for you. You can spot affiliate links because I add * afterwards.

I also write some posts in collaboration with companies ie they give me a chunk of cash to write about a particular topic. Sadly for my bank balance, I’m pretty picky about which brands I work with. I only work with companies I genuinely recommend, and ideally use myself. Whether sponsored or not, I aim to combine the rigorous research and knowledge as a journalist with practical tips from my own family life.

Over to you

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and if it helps make the most of your money, do let me know!

Any comments, suggestions or questions, add them to the end of a post or bung me an email at hello@muchmorewithless.co.uk.

The contents of this blog are for information and ideas, and should not be viewed as financial advice. Use of the material is conditional on there being no liability for how you choose to use it. If you are unsure about any investments or financial issues, please contact a financial adviser.