Value range vs own brand: how much can you save at Morrisons?

Picture of Morrisons Savers products

Cut food costs by switching to value ranges

Ever wondered how much money you could save by shopping from supermarket value ranges?

One way to cut food costs is to ‘downshift’ brands and supermarkets. Ditch Ocado for Aldi. Switch big brands for supermarket own brands or value range foods. If you don’t mind the difference, you can lock in savings every time you buy cheaper items in future. If you prefer the old version, you’ve spent very little and it’s easy to switch back.

I’m out and proud about buying from the value ranges. The super cheap rice, pasta and marmalade rode to the rescue when I was taking part in the Live Below The Line campaign or trying to cut our food bills. But I’m aware that some prices have crept up, and many value ranges have shrunk in recent years. 

So how much can value ranges actually save right now?

Battle of the own brands vs value range at Morrisons

Faced with rising food prices and the current cost of living crisis, I schlepped to Morrisons to snap up value items, then worked out how much they cost compared to Morrisons own brand.

Feast your eyes on this table of my top 30 favourites from the value ranges, compared to own brand alternatives. I aimed to compare identical pack sizes wherever possible. 

Morrisons no longer does Savers versions of fresh fruit and veg, so I compared to the wonky alternatives instead. Click through to see all the rows. 

Value rangePriceOwn brandPriceSaving with value range
Savers chopped tomatoes 400g32pMorrisons Italian chopped tomatoes 400g45p29%
Savers red kidney beans 400g30pMorrisons red kidney beans 400g55p45%
Savers baked beans 410g22pMorrisons baked beans 410g39p44%
Savers penne pasta 500g30pMorrisons penne 500g75p60%
Savers spaghetti 500g20pMorrisons spaghetti 500g75p73%
Savers long grain rice 1kg45pMorrisons easy cook long grain rice 1kg£1.2063%
Savers tuna chunks in brine 145g59pMorrisons responsibly sourced tuna chunks in brine79p25%
Savers sardines in tomato sauce 120g39pMorrisons sardines in tomato sauce 120g49p20%
Savers sweetcorn 326g35pMorrisons sweetcorn in water 326g70p50%
Woodheads unsmoked back bacon 250g£1.15Morrisons unsmoked back bacon rashers 300g£1.6932%
Savers wheat biscuits 2474pMorrisons wheat biscuits 24£1.6956%
Savers long life skimmed milk 1 litre50pMorrisons long life British skimmed milk 1 litre90p44%
Savers low fat natural yogurt 500g45pMorrisons low fat natural yogurt 500g85p47%
Savers salted butter 250g£1.65Morrisons salted British butter£1.756%
Savers soft cheese 250g70pMorrisons full fat soft cheese 250g£1.1036%
Greenside Deli Greek style salad cheese 200g75pMorrisons Greek feta 250g£1.30

Greenside Deli mature white cheddar 400g£1.79Morrisons mature cheddar 400g£2.0011%
Greenside Deli Italian hard cheese 170g£1.70Morrisons grana padano wedge 170g£2.7538%
Greenside Deli mozzarella 125g45pMorrisons Italian mozzarella 125g60p25%
Stephenson's brown medium bread 720g33pMorrisons wholemeal medium bread 800g59p44%
Savers orange marmalade 454g30pMorrisons fine cut orange marmalade 454g65p54%
Savers strawberry jam 454g30pMorrisons strawberry jam 454g
Savers clear honey 340g69pMorrisons pure clear honey 227g79p13%
Savers crunchy peanut butter 340g85pMorrisons crunchy peanut butter 340g£1.3537%
Savers peach slices in light syrup 410g33pMorrisons peach slices in light syrup 411g80p59%
Wonky apples minimum 569pMorrisons British Apples x 6£1.2947%
Wonky white potatoes 2.5kg89pMorrisons white potatoes 2.5kg99p10%
Wonky carrots 1kg29pMorrisons carrots 1kg39p26%
Wonky lemons x 455pMorrisons unwaxed lemons bumper pack x 499p44%
Wonky frozen peas 900g59pMorrisons British garden peas 500g69p14%

Prices correct as of 22 March 2022

Picture of the Morrisons value range products I bought

Morrisons Savers shop up

How much can you save with value ranges?

So (drum roll please):

Total for value range products: £18.81

Total for own brand alternatives: £30.12

That’s a chunky saving 38%, worth more than £11, by opting for value ranges rather than own brands.

And the savings would be even bigger if you normally bought big brands or premium own brand products (think Morrisons The Best or Taste the Difference at Sainsburys).

Was I comparing like with like? Well, I was actually surprised at how many of the value range versions came in identical sizes to own brand products. There were only a few differences on my shopping list – a bit more own brand bacon, bread and grana padano and a bit less own brand honey and fewer frozen peas.

The timing of my comparison, with Mother’s Day offers on white potatoes (down from £1.19 to 99p) also favoured own brands. 

Tips for saving with Morrisons value range

Here are my top tips on buying from the value ranges:

Look out for different brands.

Sadly gone are the days when you could just search online for Tesco Value, Sainsbury’s Basics or M Savers and see the whole product range laid out.

As you can tell from the table, Morrisons for example sells value range items under several different brands: as Savers, Greenside Deli, Stephensons and Woodheads. The giveaway is super simplified graphics on the packaging, with lots of white space

In store, not online

However hard I tried, I couldn’t find a bunch of Morrisons value products listed on the website – although they did show up on the supermarket shelves. Savers chopped tomatoes, kidney beans, baked beans, penne, bread, marmalade and jam were all mysteriously missing online but available to buy in store.

Moral of the tale: you might need to hit the supermarket in person to find the cheapest products, rather than relying on internet deliveries or click and collect.

Beware of low stocks

Even if you shop up in store, resign yourself to stuff being out of stock. I seemed to find more gaps for value range items than other more expensive stuff. Bring back Savers rice!

Look down

Supermarkets stock the most profitable products at eye level – and that’s unlikely to be value ranges. Scour the bottom and top shelves to find the tiniest prices.

Savings vary

As you can see from the table, the price difference between Morrisons value range and own brand wasn’t consistent. 

The biggest saving was a whopping 73% on spaghetti, down from 75p for a 500g a bag of own brand to just 20p for the same amount of value range spaghetti. The smallest was just 6%, due to the 10p difference between own brand and value range butter.

Yet overall, I was surprised how 10p here and 20p there added up to save almost 40% in total.

Pick your products

I compared prices on my 30 favourite value range products, which focus on tins and jars, dairy products, carbs like pasta, rice and bread and wonky fruit and veg.

I don’t tend to buy much processed food from the value ranges, partly because I like cooking from scratch, but also because I reckon you can taste more of a difference when it comes to ready meals and stuff like curry sauce. The cheaper prices on value range products are often driven by altering the quantities of cheaper vs more expensive ingredients, or including more varied sizes. I’d rather hang on for a yellow-stickered cut price version of premium sausages, for example, than buy a value range alternative that contains a lot less meat.

However, with some value range products, I can’t tell the difference from own brand, apart from the packaging. With others, maybe there is a difference – but not one where I’m willing pay 60% more.

I also focused on food, though you can find value versions of lots of household products such as kitchen towel, loo roll, bleach and washing powder.


Now – over to you. Do you stock up from the value ranges or steer clear? What are your favourite products? Do share in the comments, I’d love to hear.

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