Top 10 tips from my #MoneySavingYear so far

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Small savings, big difference, #alladdsup

Last year, I made small changes each month to make the most of my family’s money.

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You know the kind of thing – switching electricity supplier, getting cheaper broadband, opening an account paying higher interest. All that stuff on the ‘to do’ list that doesn’t necessarily get done.

When I added it up, for an article I wrote for the Sunday Times, it came to a massive £9,000. Holy cow.

I thought I was pretty thrifty anyway, so the total was a big surprise.

But it also made me think.

I don’t just do one thing a month to make the most of our cash. In fact most days I do something, however small, to spend less or earn more.  Since moving to the country, we’re living on a lower income, so I’m always trying to stretch the money we have. If you read my 5 Frugal Things posts each week, you’ll have an idea of the kind ofmoney saving measures I mean. Anyway, I wondered how much it would all mount up.

Tweeting about my #MoneySavingYear

So this year, I started tweeting every day with the hashtag #MoneySavingYear, to record the little things I do to live well on less.

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Sometimes things like comparing insurance or checking cash back can seem a pain, but I was hoping that doing something small each day could potentially make a big difference.

Now it’s the end of June, and I’m half way through my #MoneySavingYear. I had a look back over six months of #MoneySavingYear tweets, by seaching on the hashtag.

Partly it made me smile at a diary in financial form, from buying bargain gin for Mothering Sunday, to finding free activities in half term, outings on Fathers’ Day, a deal on Easter eggs and the fixed-price menu for a meal out on my birthday.

It’s also interesting to see which #MoneySavingYear ideas people liked the most.

Top 10 #MoneySavingYear Tweets

After 6 months’ of #MoneySavingYear tweets, here are the top 10 with the highest likes.

  1. Using up leftovers proved popular in January:


2. My big yellow sticker haul from our local East of England Co-op: (tips on yellow sticker shopping)


3. Snapping up a charity shop dress for Valentine’s Day:


4. Winning a place on a half marathon (eek!): (post here)


5. Home-made soup for pennies not pounds:

6. Bargain baking ingredients from Poundland: (coconut for New Zealand biscuits, more baking recipes here)


7. Earning extra interest from the Chip automatic savings app: (more in this post)


8. Opening a new Vanguard account to invest for less: (article here)


9. The leftovers vs take-away face off:


10. Fending off demands for the vending machine!


So it turns out saving on food is a big favourite, whether cutting costs with yellow-stickers and bargain shopping, or cutting food waste with leftovers and soup.

But it was also interesting to see the range of other areas – charity shop clothes shopping, frugal fitness, the Chip savings app and investing for less with Vanguard.

Now over to you – what’s been your own favourite #MoneySavingYear moment of 2017?

And if you might like the odd (and less odd!) idea for saving money, do swing by my Twitter account, give me a follow and look out for the #MoneySavingYear tweets.

And if you have any #MoneySavingYear successes to celebrate, do tweet me using the hashtag!

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  1. Hazel
    3rd July 2017 / 6:25 am

    I never think to go to Poundland for food, I must go and have a look.

    • 3rd July 2017 / 12:17 pm

      Lot of it is snack food, which we don’t buy much, but it’s worth having a look if you’re in there anyway. In particular, I’ll make a trip to check out the baking stuff before stocking up elsewhere.