Menu suggestions welcome!

Here’s the food left to feed Josh and me all meals, drinks and snacks on our last day of Live Below the Line (plus an apple and some jam, languishing in the fridge). 

Food left on the last day, for all meals, drinks and snacks for two adults

Menu suggestions welcome, especially if you can create anything appetising from a carrot, an egg and some oats.

The food is, l to r from the back (and no doubt sung to the tune of “A Partridge in a Pear Tree”):

3 mixed weight eggs
200 odd ml of UHT skimmed milk
200g porridge oats
Few bits of spaghetti
315g rice
85g garam masala
Lots of value tea bags

Box with 2 portions of mock minestrone soup
Bowl of 75g peas, laboriously separated from the mixed veg bag
6 slices of bread
30g Red Leicester cheese
1 veg stock cube
Single depressed carrot
Single clove of garlic
Half an onion
Box with 2 portions cooked rice

Last 2 carrot and kidney beans burgers, based on recipe from A Girl Called Jack
110g hoarded mushrooms
Box with quarter of an onion, chopped, with a bit of garlic

...”and an apple and a bit of jam forgotten in the fridge”...

I’m so glad we can return to normal tomorrow, without fear of hunger. 

Unicef helps some of the millions of children for whom extreme poverty is a grinding reality, day in, day out. 

If you can spare the £1 that covers my food today, click here:


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