Last minute Mothers’ Day presents for less

Picture of a hyacinth bought for Mothers' Day in full bloom

The amazing exploding hyacinth

If all the changes in the last couple of weeks have left you scrabbling for ideas, here are some suggestions for last minute Mothers’ Day presents for less.

Above all, I reckon the best present Mothers’ Day present we can give is to stay at home.

I’m gutted that we won’t be taking my mother out this Sunday, or heading over to my mother-in-law for a celebratory lunch. They are both perfectly healthy, but also over 70 – which puts them bang smack within one of the most vulnerable groups. We can’t risk potentially exposing them to COVID-19. And they’re worried about infecting my son, who has asthma.

Even taking the kids to hand over presents is too risky in these times of self-isolation. We were able to give my mother-in-law her card and present last weekend, when we met for a country walk. For my own mother, I’ll be leaving stuff outside her door, waving through the window and catching up on Skype. 

With the NHS begging us all to stay home and the Government closing pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants, I can’t even be whisked off for a meal out myself!

So one way and another, my plans for Mothers’ Day have been ripped up many times over. 

I’ve also ripped up plans for this post many times over. 

First I was hoping to review a fabulous half-price spa package kindly given by Buyagift (thank you) but I’m glad the e-voucher lasts for 10 months, as we won’t be going any time soon.

Then I was intending to do a bright and breezy ‘here’s some budget options and here’s some bargains if you want a blow out’ post. But with so many people seeing their jobs disappear or income evaporate, how can I recommend big spending?

So here’s a few ideas if you’re casting around for last minute ideas that don’t cost a bomb:

Home-made card and vouchers

My own children never believe me when I say I would rather than a card they made / drew / cut out themselves than anything from a shop. But I would. 

I also really fancy some vouchers which again could be hand-written or printed out (here’s a template on the MoneySavingExpert site for gift cheques). The kind that could be cashed in for stuff I’d really love, like breakfast in bed, an hour of childcare, an undisturbed bath or cooking the dinner AND clearing up afterwards, all to be cashed at a moment’s notice with zero complaints.  

Reckon by about oh Day 2 of home schooling I’ll be clamouring for a ‘your turn to supervise school work’ voucher, and I quite fancy one for ‘my choice of movie tonight’. Ironing, gardening, the DIY that’s never actually been done – whatever floats your boat. 

Hyacinth bulb when I'd just bought it

Plant, meet pot

Plant in a pot

I thought I was doing really well, planning ahead to give a hyacinth in a nice pot. A living plant should (hopefully!) last longer than a bunch of flowers.

The hyacinth above was a couple of pounds from the local market here in Hadleigh. I got one a couple of weeks ago, hoping it would flower in time for Mothering Sunday – but it went mad in a warm room, exploding in just a week, as pictured at the top. So I splashed out a second £2 for another one, got another pot, and hopefully the new one will flower for Sunday.

Buying a bulb now means your Mum can enjoy it when it does finally flower. Choosing a plain pot would also make it easier to wipe clean, if you’re dropping presents off on a doorstop.

Picture of cookies pinched into heart shapes

Now wash your hands

Biscuits with love

I’m encouraging the kids to make biscuits as presents, as thankfully we do have the ingredients for baking knocking around, even if we might have to use raisins instead of chocolate chips. 

Flapjack, choc chip cookies and decorated biscuits like these are all quick and easy to do. My son enjoyed making the heart-shaped biscuits above for Valentine’s Day one year. 


Picture of roast pork, roast potatoes, broccoli and carrots with apple sauce and gravy jug

Mmmmm Sunday roast

Home-cooked meal

Can’t go out? Shanghai your other half and kids into cooking a fab meal, even if the menu might depend on whatever you have in the house. Maybe you could take a portion round to those who are self-isolating? I’m going to be digging a chicken out of our freezer for a trad roast meal.

Previous posts about home-cooked meals for Fathers’ Day and our 10th wedding anniversary

Poster listing good books for self-isolation

Marketing by our local bookshop, The Idler

Help with hobbies

Anyone who is self-isolating could do with some entertainment. Even if you can’t see your mother on the day itself, think what she’d like in the days ahead. Books, jigsaws, puzzle magazines and beauty products can all be delivered. Green fingers but small space? How about seeds or stretching to a mini greenhouse like this?


Purple flowers in a vase from Bloom & Wild

How lovely is last year’s bouquet from Bloom & Wild

Bouquet of flowers

If you can’t make it to your mother, getting a bouquet delivered is a real winner. 

The bad news it that it may be tricky finding someone at such short notice able to deliver tomorrow. The silver lining is that if you order for delivery afterwards, you won’t pay extra for Mothers’ Day delivery.

To help, I nabbed a £10 off code at Bloom & Wild, which can either cut the cost of a bouquet, or would knock off the extra £10 if you can still get the flowers delivered on Mothers’ Day itself. Use the code MMWL10 over at Bloom & Wild. 

Support local businesses

With so many small businesses struggling, I’m trying to buy more from our local shops rather than propping up the likes of Amazon.

I’ve seen posts on social media suggesting people support local businesses by buying gift cards to use in future at for example a hairdresser or restaurant.

However, if you do want to support local companies, I suggest choosing something that can be enjoyed right now – eg a delivery of food, wine, flowers, a book or a takeout meal from a nearby restaurant. That way, you can be sure your Mum gets the benefit. The trouble with gift cards is that if the business sadly goes bust, the card is worthless.


Now – over to you. What are you doing for Mothers’ Day in these troubled times? What’s your top tip for last minute Mothers’ Day presents? Do share in the comments, I’d love to hear!

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