Where to buy the cheapest Christmas veg 2020

Picture of Brussel sprouts, carrots, parsnips and potatoes

Stock up on bargain festive veg

The supermarket have cut the cost of Christmas veg to the lowest prices I’ve ever seen, in four years of comparing prices on festive veg.

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Lidl and Aldi have shrunk their prices to just 14p a bag on veg including parsnips, Brussel sprouts and carrots. 

Plus, if you’re lucky enough to live near a Jack’s store by Tesco, they’re offering parsnips, sprouts, carrots and swede for just 13p each as part of their Fresh Five.

Elsewhere, you are looking at prices from:

  • 19p at Tesco
  • 20p at ASDA
  • 35p at Sainsbury’s 
  • 40p at Morrisons, but 3 for £1 if you’re shopping in store, which works out at 33p each
  • 40p at Waitrose, joining in Christmas veg offers for the first time ever
  • 3 for the price of 2 offer at the Co-op, but on higher priced produce

The supermarkets are desperate to lure punters through the door with super cheap veg, so they splash the cash on the rest of their Christmas food shopping.

Thanks to Covid restrictions, there will be fewer big family gatherings this year – which could mean loads more of us will be shopping for parsnips and sprouts.

Picture of Aldi's super 6 veg all at 14p each

Star prices on Aldi’s Super 6 Christmas veg

Comparing the cheapest Christmas veg offers

Looking at the four most popular Christmas veg – parsnips, Brussel sprouts, carrots and potatoes – and you can snap them up for less than a pound if you head to Aldi, Lidl, Tesco or ASDA. 

Yup, the total for those four comes to just 56p at Aldi and Lidl, 80p at ASDA and 86p at Tesco. Over at Sainsbury’s, you’re looking at £1.40, then £1.60 at Waitrose and £1.99 at Morrisons, which is touting British grown veg. The Co-op and Ocado trail in at £3.64 and £4.55 respectively.

However, while the supermarkets offer a few veg at super low prices, they charge more elsewhere.

If you want to ring the changes with stuff like red cabbage and cauliflower, prices vary a lot. Highlights include ASDA’s 20p broccoli, Aldi’s 14p swede, Tesco’s 29p cauliflower, 43p Savoy cabbage at Aldi and Tesco and red cabbage at just 14p per kilo at Lidl.

I’ve been scrutinising websites, visiting stores and begging people to price check Lidl, so I could update my table with the prices for 11 festive favourites at 9 supermarkets. For the first time, I’ve bunged in the cheapest options at Ocado too. 

Table showing the prices of 11 festive veg at 9 supermarkets


Where to buy the cheapest Christmas veg 2020

Basically, Aldi is the star at the top of the tree for Christmas 2020, including 14p swede, 14p red cabbage and 14p white cabbage in its Super 6. Their winning shopping list of the 11 veg tots up to only £3.89.

You might get red cabbage a smidge cheaper at Lidl, where it charges 14p/kg rather than 14p each, but the potatoes included in Pick of the Week are a smaller 1.5kg bag of mini roasting potatoes. Substituting 2.5kg of full size spuds does push the Lidl bill up to the £5.21 in the table, rather than second place £4.36 if you’re happy with the smaller ones on special offer.

There’s little difference in the total at Tesco and ASDA, at £4.82 and £4.85. However, the prices for individual veg are quite different, so compare prices for the veg you actually want.

Then you’re looking at ever increasing costs for all 11: £5.19 at Sainsburys, £6.74 at Morrisons, £7.49 at Waitrose (nearly twice the cost of Aldi), £9.90 at the Co-op (two and a half times Aldi) and £11 at Ocado (almost 3 times the Aldi bill).

And remember, if you can’t face the peeling and chopping – the Co-op is doing a £5 freezer filler deal, including 500g Aunt Bessie’s honey glazed parsnips and 700g McCain Roasts, plus 12 ready to bake Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire puddings, a mint Vienetta and Carte d’Or vanilla ice cream. 


If you’d like to spend less on other festive food and drink, do check out my post about how to save money on Christmas dinner.

Picture of Morrisons display of carrots and Brussel sprouts for my post on the cheapest Christmas veg

Christmas veg offer at Morrisons

Festive veg for after Christmas

With prices so low, it’s worth stocking on veg for after Christmas too. 

Most of these veg will keep for ages. You don’t even need to waste valuable fridge space on root veg (potatoes, carrots, parsnips) and other long-lasting veg such as cabbages, onions, cauliflower and swede. Remove any plastic packaging, and store them in cardboard boxes, cloth bags or paper bags, in a cool dark place.

These festive favourite could come in really handy for post Christmas stews, soups, stir fries, casseroles and roasts. Potatoes in particular are a brilliant base for loads of meals, if you’re trying to cut back in January.


Now – over to you. Which veg will you be cooking this Christmas? Do you take advantage of these super low prices? Do share in the comments, I’d love to hear!

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  1. 2nd January 2021 / 8:09 am

    I’ve was amazed watching the prices of the veg going down and down, and all I can hear from Alan is ‘poor farmers how much have they been paid for all this super cheap produce?’ He has a point but it is a great time to stock up on veggies for the New Year. And with a bit of blanching and freezing you could have cheap veg in the freezer for a good six months.

    Well done on doing all the research and workings out, I know how much work that is.

    Happy New Year Faith. xx

    • Faith
      2nd January 2021 / 11:18 am

      Happy to New Year to you too Sue! Yes, the prices are so low they can’t be permanent, but great chance to stock up before a more frugal January. All the best with your Year of Modern Rationing.

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