The day after Live Below the Line – can you guess my first meal?

So after five days feeding myself on a £1 per day, the first
meal I treated myself to the next morning was…

Not just any marmalade, but Morrisons M Savers 27p marmalade… 

… a cup of long-awaited tea with a piece of toast and some remaining value range marmalade WITH BUTTER.

I almost bounced out of bed ready for this breakfast, as in true
King/Queen/Dairymaid style “I do like a little bit of butter to my bread”.  

Simple pleasures, denied to so many.

If you are able to
donate something – anything – to UNICEF, it can make a real difference to
keeping children worldwide safe, fed and healthy, including UNICEF’s current
work in the aftermath of the earthquake in Nepal.

Here’s the link to my
fundraising page:


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