My Sunday Times article: Could you eat for just £1 a day?

Me! With a newspaper!

It’s out!

The article I wrote about my experiences on Live Below the Line, feeding myself on £1 a day for 5 days, appeared in the Sunday Times today (albeit behind a paywall):

More money saving, less politics, still for Unicef.

Oh oh and comedy moment. Turns out the article was trailed in the main paper. Can safely say this is the first time I’ve ever been included in a line up with Jeremy Clarkson, Simon Pegg and Sarah Lucas.

Wonder if they’d ever consider doing Live Below the Line?

Can you spot me? Clue: I’m on the only one holding a frying pan

Must confess that I had previously generated some press coverage about doing Live Below the Line – page 56 of the May edition of Hadleigh Community News.

Page 56: left hand page, bottom paras. The glamour!

Where Hadleigh Community News leads, the Sunday Times follows…

I donated the fee for writing the article for the Sunday Times to Unicef, the world’s leading children’s organisation.
If you’d like to add any further donations the link to my fundraising page is:


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  1. 11th May 2015 / 10:52 am

    Brilliant , well done you. I hope this meant that a few more folk nipped by and donated to this very worthy cause. 🙂

    • 11th May 2015 / 11:33 am

      Thanks Sue! I've been really touched that some complete strangers have donated after reading the article, along with a couple of the Sunday Times journalists.

  2. 11th May 2015 / 10:56 am

    Great stuff! Many years ago my ex and I and small son had not much more to survive on for a couple of years, not one week. I managed somehow but will never forget the experience!

  3. 11th May 2015 / 11:01 am

    Am pretty poor again now but happier with a lovely hubby these days and we manage. I do think that being hard up then and as a child led to overeating later in life though. On the plus side being poor meant I never took up smoking or drinking and have been vegetarian or vegan for years.

    • 11th May 2015 / 11:36 am

      Thanks VC. I'm immensely grateful that for me Live Below the Line only lasted for 5 days, unlike the daily reality for so many others. Glad you're happier and managing OK now, even if things are tight. Agree that if you've ever been in a position when it was hard to afford to buy even food, the memory doesn't leave you.

  4. 11th May 2015 / 2:32 pm

    Compared to much of the world we are so lucky!

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