Week 2: Store cupboards before and after

Back at the end of May, I took photos of my kitchen cupboards, fridge and freezer as I was determined to eat up some of the stocks.

Here’s the original post: store cupboard stock check challenge.


This is the result a fortnight later – some progress, but still a way to go!


Main food cupboard before


Main food cupboard afterwards: a few tins and bottles gone, some sugar added


Big fridge before


Big fridge afterwards: bit less, no fruit juice, more jam jars of leftovers



Freezer before


Freezer afterwards: Bye bye pizza, ice cream and sausages,but still full
Small fridge before
Small fridge afterwards: loads of elderflower cordial, not much else.
Top of the green cupboard before


Top of the green cupboard afterwards: jam and cereal decimated, children complaining


Mantelpiece before


Mantelpiece afterwards: fewer raisins? I’m clutching at straws here.
Dry stores before


Dry stores afterwards: fewer potatoes, more cake (bonus)


Hidden snack stash before


Hidden snack stash afterwards: more drinks, different crisps

I haven’t posted new photos of the herbs and spices and mug cupboard because there’s no real difference. We also have a big 12.5kg bag of potatoes in a cupboard which I’ve forgotten to photograph both times.

During the fortnight, I made three shopping trips for additional fresh food to stretch the supplies, some of which has made it past the ravening hordes and into the stocks.

Here’s the shopping:

Morrisons on Day 2: £6 vouchers, £38.39 cash, daughter extra


Co-op on Day 3: £7.07 cash
Co-op on Day 11: £30 vouchers, 14p cash

The only other items bought were a bargain leg of pork and coconut, some citric acid to make elderflower cordial and a load of Fruit Shoots, which cost £13.29 altogether.

Running total after 2 weeks
Cash spent on food: £58.89
Vouchers spent on food: £36
Total value: £94.89, of which £39.44 has yet to be eaten.


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  1. 22nd June 2015 / 1:38 pm

    I was always amazed at how slowly the cupboard and freezer stores seemed to go down, and equally one shop would suddenly fill everywhere up again even if you think you've not actually bought very much.

    My 365 Days £365 challenge and blog really brought this home to me, and made me realise how little we really needed to shop for the two of us.

    • 23rd June 2015 / 10:08 am

      Thanks for the reminder about your 365 Days challenge blog, which I read avidly before doing Live Below the Line this year and definitely inspired me to take store cupboard photos! I've been meaning to post about frugal food blogs so will get cracking.

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