Week 2 eating from the store cupboards: meals

So here’s the update after two weeks of trying to eat up the contents of
my cupboards, fridge and freezer.

I may not have been blogging our meals and recipes every day, but it has still been rumbling around in the background!

By the end of the fortnight, we had made more of a dent both in the stores of food at home, and in the shopping bought to stretch the supplies. I also bought some more fresh food, but with the help of £30 in co-op vouchers I only had to add £6.14 in cash.

I’ll update with more of the figures in another post, but here are the meals we ate in the second week, with snacks at the end.



Breakfast: Porridge with grated apple

Lunch: Feta and beetroot salad with cous cous

No packed lunch for my husband, as he had a team dinner in the canteen

Children’s Dinner: Creamy smoked salmon pasta, with fruit and yogurt tubes

Dinner: Fried egg with mushrooms, baked beans and toast



Breakfast: Porridge with banana

Lunch: Leftover stalks and leaves soup (recipe here), with a ham and soft cheese sandwich

My Husbands Packed Lunch: Leftover bacon and cheese quiche from Day 7 with boiled potatoes, cucumber and tomato

Children’s Dinner: Cheesy triangles and cheese and ham triangles, with carrot, celery and cucumber

Dinner: Butternut squash and pearl barley risotto with savoy cabbage (inspired by this recipe, only I didn’t have any sage, and added some grated grana padano)














Breakfast: Porridge with banana

Lunch: Tuna nicoise salad with egg, artichoke hearts, potatoes and green beans

My Husband’s Packed Lunch Mini dolcelatte and smoked salmon quiche (made from extra pastry from Day 7’s quiche) with cherry tomatoes

Children’s Dinner: Chicken stir fry with noodles

Dinner: Sausage casserole made with extra shakshuka sauce from Day 5, with brown rice and broccoli













Breakfast: Porridge with raisins

Lunch: Tuna, tomato, cucumber, red onion and leftover brown rice salad. (No photo of my lunch, made in a hurry to take along on the school trip when I was a parent helper)

My Husband’s Packed Lunch: Sandwiches with leftover sausages, cucumber and red onion chutney

Children’s dinner: Fishfingers and oven chips with boiled carrots

Dinner: Feta with roasted vegetables and cous cous














Breakfast: Fried egg with beans and toast. Shared a bowl of porridge and grated apple with my son.

Lunch: Feta, beetroot and artichoke hearts with cous cous

Dinner: Movie night baguette pizzas with olives, ham, salami and mozzarella for the children, with a feta, salami and roasted vegetable pizza for my husband, served with salad.














Breakfast: Porridge with banana

Packed lunch for all: Rolls and sandwich thins with a combination of ham, soft cheese and leftover smoked salmon. Crisps from a multipack for everyone, Fruit Shoots for the children. Grapes, strawberries, raisin cookies, hot cross buns and yogurt tubes.

Dinner: Frittata with fried potatoes, artichoke hearts, peas and bacon.




Breakfast: Pancakes with banana, satsuma and tinned pineapple, or porridge with banana.

Lunch: Sticky chicken with mashed potato, green beans, carrots and gravy. Apple tart with toffee sauce.

Children’s Dinner: Boiled egg and soldiers for my daughter, crumpets with toasted cheese and mango chutney for my son.

Dinner: The last of the leftover stalks and leaves soup with bread, as shown in glorious technicolour on Day 9.


Snacks throughout the week

Snacks were very similar to the first week. Main change was making some lemon drizzle cake towards the end of the week, and we bought some ice creams during the day out at Legoland.

Otherwise as before:

Fresh and tinned fruit, with the addition of value range natural yogurt in my case

Bread and jam

Yogurt tubes

Home-made raisin cookies for the school trip

Treat for the children after swimming lessons: drink from multi-pack of Fruit Shoots or Aldi equivalent, packet of crisps from a multipack and a hot cross bun each

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