“The things I do for you”

I want to say thank you to my
long-suffering husband.

Day 1 before value jam…
…and after value jam

My husband started Day 1 of Live Below the Line muttering “the things I do for you”, but cheerfully tucked into porridge mixed with jam. 

He was less cheerful after
actually eating the jam, and I’m not sure we’ll be adding another 29p jar of
Tesco Everyday Value Strawberry Jam to future shopping lists, but I am so grateful
that he volunteered to do Live Below the Line with me.

When I first mentioned it, my husband immediately said he’d join me in the challenge, with me banging on about 1.4
billion people living in extreme poverty and the shocking rise in demand for
food banks even in the UK.

Any money we raise will go to
Unicef, which works to ensure that children have clean water, food, health
care, education and a safe environment – all the things we take for granted for
our own children, but are lacking for so many others.

In our house, I do the cooking
and my husband does the appreciative comments and the washing up. My husband reckoned that
Day 1 was easier than he’d thought, and said he enjoyed his lunch, made by mixing
together the curried carrot soup, rice and carrot & kidney bean burgers in
one big bowl. 

My husband even ate the chickpea curry
for dinner, when he doesn’t like chickpeas. It apparently “tasted OK, if
slightly on the bland side”, which believe me is a rave review for a vegetarian
dish involving chickpeas.

So – thank you. And thank
you especially for letting me post the “before jam” and “after jam” photos on
Facebook, that generated our first donation to Unicef.

To donate to Unicef at Live Below the Line, the
global poverty project, click here:



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