Nature Crafts from ‘Create Your Own Calm’

Picture of a nature craft from the book Create Your Own Calm

Make your own nature window

Nature crafts are a brilliant way to encourage your kids (and the big kid inside you) to get outdoors and get creative.

Today, I am delighted to host a post from author, fellow blogger and mum of two, the lovely Becky Goddard-Hill, taken from her new book, ‘Create Your Own Calm‘.

Becky is a great source of creative, inspiring ideas for children’s activities that don’t cost a bomb, either financially or environmentally. Even better, her books help children with their emotional well-being too. As families juggle the stress of the return to school with coronavirus restrictions, there’s never been a better time for Becky’s books.

My 12-year-old really enjoyed trying activities from Becky’s previous book, ‘Create Your Own Happy‘, such as making her own jam jar snow globe, so we’re really looking forward to dipping into ‘Create Your Own Calm’ too. I’m always keen to encourage my kids to make stuff and get outdoors, from den building to painting rocks.

Do check out Becky’s ideas below for budget-friendly nature crafts, and discover where to find more ideas for calming activities.


Picture of the front cover of Create Your Own Calm by Becky Goddard-Hill

The cover got a rare nod of approval from my 12-year-old

This is an extract from ‘Create Your Own Calm’ – an activity book for 6-12 years olds written by Becky Goddard-Hill and published this week by Harper Collins.

It has contains 50 activities, all backed by science, to support kids with their big feelings and develop ways they can help themselves to feel calmer.

Picture of the nature craft pages in Create Your Own Calm

Even the book layout is calming

Nature Crafts

In crafting there are no mistakes just unique creations.  Anonymous

Making art and crafts from nature is a wonderful way to relax. Just let go of the idea of perfection and focus on your creation being uniquely yours. 

There are so many things you can create from nature and your craft materials will be easy to find, free and environmentally friendly to use. 

Crafting is a wonderful way to give your brain a break. 

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The science bit 

Scientists have discovered that the average person has 60,000 thoughts per day. Now doesn’t that sounds completely exhausting and rather stressful. 

Our poor busy brains!

Often when you are doing something creative, you find yourself in what’s known as a state of “flow”. This focuses your mind and lets it take a rest  from all that thinking. You will feel calmer and less stressed as a result.

Being creative is calming. Nature, we know, also really helps people feel calmer . Put the two together and it is  doubly powerful. 

You can make your nature art in your garden, in a park, in a wood, or even on a beach,  It can be great fun to create little pieces of art in nature and leave them for others to stumble across. It’s like leaving a little gift.

Picture of a nature craft window with sticks, flowers and stones

Why not make your own nature craft window?

Ideas for nature crafts

As an activity, here are some nature art ideas. Maybe you have some of your own, too?

Make a nature craft window 

Collect four sticks roughly the same size to use as a frame.

Make a square with the sticks then  fill the inside with flowers and leaves, stones and shells or whatever natural things you can find to make into a picture.

Other ideas could include:

  • Make a little picture out of pebbles and leaving it on a path – a heart shape is easy
  • Creating a nature spiral with leaves sticks, flowers and stones 
  • Building a stone tower sculpture
  • Using daisy chains to decorate a park bench 
  • Collecting conkers and making a giant butterfly outline in the grass
  • Using small twigs and leaves to make a landscape of small trees 

Create a calmer world, by leaving a little piece of nature art to be found!

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Where to find more

More frugal activities from ‘Create Your Own Calm’

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Now – over to you. What nature crafts have you tried, from building sandcastles to making a mini garden in a seed tray? Do share in the comments, I’d love to hear.

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