Counting my blessings

Not so much the grass growing under my feet,
as the wisteria growing over the window.

There’s nothing like someone you haven’t seen in decades saying they’ve been stalking you online to put you off your stride with blogging.

To be fair, the conversation at a university reunion was very cheerful and only referred to my Sunday Times article about Live Below the Line.

I have no idea whether my self-confessed stalker breathlessly followed every detail of the June store cupboard challenge, or read a single word of this blog, so I don’t think there’s any need for a restraining order quite yet.

But it did make me pause for reflection.

The whole reunion was pretty cheerful. Despite different combinations of jobs, marriages, children and divorces, most people seemed content. Perhaps if you’re drowning in a deep pit of despair you wouldn’t show up, so the people that did come along were happy to reminisce and catch up on the intervening years.

A couple of people told me I hadn’t changed at all. Aside from wondering when they last got their eyes tested, I really hope that isn’t true. University was a time of glorious utter irresponsibility with many happy memories, but was also an emotional roller coaster for me. I would hope that now I am a slightly kinder, nicer person (I can always dream).

Unlike some of my contemporaries, I may not have a jet-setting job or spend the equivalent of the GDP of a small African nation on school fees. However, I’m more settled in myself, and happier with my lot. I’m not pretending my life is perfect, but thinking about my family, my friends, my home and my health helped put everyday anxieties in perspective.

Anyone else find it helpful every so often to count their blessings, rather than counting every cost?


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  1. 25th July 2015 / 8:06 am

    Faith. I loved your post. My family and I are hopefully really close to moving soon and are making concerted efforts to change our lifestyle. We don't have jet-set jobs either but are looking forward to really stripping back and doing a lot of what I have read about on blogs recently. We don't need loads of money hence hubs doesn't work 7 til 7 and therefore spends more time with me and the boys. I feel content in how our life is going to change. I could go on forever here so please accept my apologies and go and do something else if you feel the need. Lots of people don't understand why I need nobody but my husband and children, and that our life as a family unit it more important than anything to me. I look forward to us growing our own, spending even more time outside and getting back to basics. I think you probably understand and we, too, are loking to live life more with less. This is also the subtitle to a fabulous book I read recently. Check it out! It is called Stuffocation, I think you would like it.

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