Couch to 5K in tweets

Spot the difference: me and a bright red fire extinguisher.

Back in March, I decided it was high time I did some (actually any) exercise.

Lacking time, cash and any noticeable fitness, I thought I’d have a go at Couch to 5K.

The theory sounded great. It’s a running programme designed for complete couch potatoes, i.e. me.

I just had to do it for about half an hour, three times a week, and nine weeks later I’d be a lean, mean running machine capable of running 5 kilometres. Amazing eh? And slightly unbelievable.

It had the NHS stamp of approval too, so I figured there was less chance of being stretchered off half way through, and losing a leg.

I tweeted as I went along, so here – with all its highs, lows, hailstones, lost shoes, confusion and a great big blister – is my very own Twitter version of Couch to 5K.


Mar 23

Attempt at starting #Couchto5K scuppered
because I can’t find my trainers, last seen when we moved house. Two years ago.
Oops. #fitnessfail

Mar 23

Still can’t find fancy running
shoes for #Couchto5K,
but dug out elderly trainers. Hoping we will both survive Day 1 without falling

Mar 25

New post on #frugal fitness and how I’ve resigned myself to running #Couchto5K

Mar 25

In other
news, I have now FINALLY found my fancy running shoes. Day 3 of #couchto5K awaits… #frugal fitness

Mar 27

Friday: good day for a run. Easter Sunday: got my face sandblasted by the wind,
but week 1 of #couchto5K
is now done! #frugal



Mar 29

Mar 31

#couchto5k reality in
school holidays – running pre 7am, when yr husband’s still around to look after
the kids #halfasleep
#frugal #fitness

Apr 2

Face like a tomato after a run
in the sun, but glad to have completed Week 2 of #couchto5k. Now avoiding
mirrors… #frugal

Apr 2

Top tips on essential running equipment & surviving week 2 of :


Apr 4

After a spectacular thunder
storm last night, today was less a #Couchto5k run, more hopscotch
round puddles #frugal
#fitness #muddy

Apr 6

Apr 8

Ran early yesterday morning,
as the golden light was just catching the tree tops. Week 3 of #Couchto5K now done!


Apr 10

Apr 12

First time
running #Couchto5K
in the rain today. Fair to say it wasn’t my favourite. #mudtastic #frugal #fitness

Apr 14

Last run
on #Couchto5K
week 4, first run using @movesapp
to count steps & @bountsit
app to earn money for steps! #frugal #fitness #getappy


Apr 17

My first
twilight run yesterday, at the start of #Couchto5K week 5, as the
sun set behind the trees #frugal

Apr 18

I ran for 8 minutes! Twice!
(Small pause for disbelief) Wonder what miracles #Couchto5K will come up
with next? #frugal

Apr 20

Run for 20 mins? You’re
kidding? But #couchto5K
voice says “You can do this. Mind over matter” AND I DID! Just need a little
lie down now…

Apr 22

Rats. Just repeated last run
in #Couchto5K
Week 5 instead of starting Week 6. Let’s pretend it was consolidation not


Apr 24

In awe of
everyone who ran yesterday’s London marathon, after staggering through my first
run of #Couchto5k
week 6. #frugal

Apr 26

Had to dig deep to get through
my week 6 #couchto5k
run today. Gritted my teeth through wind, hail and leaden legs. #frugal #fitness

Apr 28

Ouch ouch ouch – ran for
25 minutes on #couchto5k
– ouch ouch – proud! #survivedweek6 #frugal #fitness



Apr 30


May 3

Leicester won the Premier
League and I ran for 25 minutes on #Couchto5K.
See, miracles can happen… #LCFCChampions #fitness #havingaparty

May 5

Hard today on #Couchto5K. Hot sun, leaden feet, struggled through. But
week 7 is now DONE. #frugal #fitness


May 6

Ran #Couchto5k in early morning light today, with a pair of
collared doves swooping ahead. 28 mins on week 8! #disbelief #frugal #fitness

May 9

Scorching sunshine in
Suffolk for #Couchto5k today, running from one shadow to the next. Only week 9 to go! #hothothot #frugal #fitness

May 12

Turns out I got over optimistic on Monday.
Now I finally have done my last #Couchto5K run of week 8 & really is only week 9 to go! #fitness


May 14

Away for the weekend, so
did my first 30 minute #Couchto5K run along a canal in Edinburgh #dedication #frugal #fitness

May 16

Another first on #Couchto5k: week 9 and my first blister. Ouch. #sloggingon #frugal #fitness

May 18

Can hardly believe I’ve
just completed #Couchto5K. Struggled to run for a minute & now 9 weeks later I can run for 30 mins straight! Yay!

May 18

Congrats to @parkrunUK for winning the #BeAGameChanger Award. Looking forward to staggering round my first Park Run on Saturday…


May 21

Spot the difference: bright red fire
extinguisher & me after staggering round my first ever 5K @parkrunUK #Couchto5K

May 23

Just ran 5k without
stopping for the first time ever! #exhaustedbutproud
#Couchto5k #frugal #fitness

May 25

Getting faster! Ran for
30 minutes and managed 5k. Really want to get round a Park Run without
stopping. #newgoals #frugal #fitness



You can even read the original version on Twitter here:


For more info on essential equipment and links to Couch to 5K podcasts and apps, see this post:


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  1. 28th May 2016 / 5:17 am

    Well done! That's very impressive!

    I've been cycling to work in the next village (sometimes), which I was pleased with, until my husband told me about a colleague who cycles to work in Oxford every day. From Swindon.

    • 28th May 2016 / 5:48 am

      Good for him, but I reckon you should be proud whenever you cycle to work, as that's great from your perspective.
      I was astounded and proud when I first ran for 3 minutes straight as that was a big deal to me, even though I know perfectly well there are people out there running marathons and ultra marathons and marathons over multiple days.
      So well done for the cycling!